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2RUPEES: Branding Revamp



2 Rupees Beer is a budget-friendly beverage option, offering a refreshing and satisfying brew without the high price tag. With its crisp taste and affordability, 2 Rupees Beer appeals to individuals seeking a quality drink without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for casual gatherings or unwinding after a long day, 2 Rupees Beer provides a simple yet enjoyable drinking experience for those looking for value.


They say “two heads are better than one” and that’s exactly how many heads it took to start-up the craft beer brewery, what better symbolism than teamwork to inspire us. That’s when we hit creative gold! We were drawn in by the Sri Lankan Two Rupee coin which later we created in to the beer brand’s unique logo. It encompassed all the key elements that our client was looking for; the Sri Lankan locality touch, the fresh modern look and most importantly it stood out in all the right ways. So right in fact that we found many ways to showcase this unique logo.

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