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Durex : Make Her Scream


Durex is a leading global brand in sexual health and wellbeing and is committed to improving intimate relationships and promoting sexual well-being. The brand is known for its innovative and premium products that offers a wide range of lubricants, condoms, and intimate items that are intended to give comfort, pleasure, and protection. Durex is trusted by millions of people worldwide, keeps enabling people to embrace intimacy securely and confidently.


The “Make Her Scream” press ad, designed for Halloween, creatively showcases the duality of sensations associated with Durex. At first glance, the press ad portrays a mouth screaming in terror, reflecting the frightening consequences of unsafe practices during the spooky season. However, upon flipping the ad, the same mouth is seen ecstatically screaming in pleasure, emphasizing the satisfaction that comes with using Durex condoms, ensuring both safety and enjoyment. This innovative concept aims to promote safe sexual practices in a fun and engaging way.

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