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BOSCH : Powered by Bosch


Bosch is a leading global technology and engineering company, that has dedicated itself to improving people’s lives by developing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability. With a diverse portfolio that includes automotive technology, industrial and consumer goods, and energy solutions, Bosch is leading the way in driving progress and shaping the future of mobility, smart cities, and connected living. Bosch, trusted by millions for its reliability and expertise, continues to innovate, inspire, and improve people’s lives around the world.


The “Powered by Bosch” campaign was aimed to bring the renowned Bosch brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds, in Sri Lanka. Despite being a household and industrial staple, Bosch has often gone unnoticed in the marketplace, with many users unaware of the true impact and power of the brand. The “Powered by Bosch” campaign sets out to change that, by highlighting the numerous Bosch-powered tools and appliances that are integral to our daily lives. Whether in our homes, offices, or industries, Bosch is there, providing unparalleled quality, reliability, and innovation. We wanted to show the true impact of Bosch as a brand that truly powers our world.