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SUZUKI WAGONR : Unleash the Warrior



Suzuki, a renowned automotive brand with a rich heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, delivers quality, reliability, and driving pleasure to customers worldwide. From compact cars to rugged SUVs and motorcycles, Suzuki vehicles are designed to meet the diverse needs of drivers, offering affordability without compromising on performance or style. With a commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction, Suzuki continues to drive the future of mobility.


The idea behind using the Samurai for the Suzuki WagonR stemmed from the fact that we had to instill the concept that this was a Japanese vehicle and not the Indian version of it. Also, the idea that Samurai armour and weaponry were made by master craftsmen and the same high standard of craftsmanship went towards building this vehicle. The Samurai was also trained to handle almost anything, and this vehicle was localized to handle anything Sri Lankan fuel and road conditions could send its way. With the profusion of dubbed Asian teledrama popular among the masses, it was easy to bring the connection that this particular WagonR was Japanese.