wecan banner

The brief:

To create a name and brand identity for a organization that focus on creating public awareness. The main pillars are identifying depression as a medical condition, preventing suicide, anti bullying , prevent child trafficking, prevent abuse. The brand to be a strong brand name and identity that will stand the test of time and will cut through clutter ensuring it gets noticed wherever it is used.

Creation of Brand Name and identity

Creative thought process was to give a strong message and to keep the name generic to ensure it is already pre defined in itself. At an early stage in our journey we identified that the brand should empower, speak to the heart and show support to an individual. It is through this funnel we arrived at the brand name “WeCan”

Brand Identity:

Yellow: is the most noticeable color to the human eye and it is the brightest color of the visible spectrum. It is the color of the shining sun, or a bright light that lights a dark place. Yellow communicates happiness and optimism and is believed to have an influence on the left side of our brain, where deep thinking and perception dwells.

Black: Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and a prestigious color. Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth to the core of the brand.

Use of Fonts and Symbols: The strong black bold font set in bright yellow makes it readable and unmistakable. Since grabbing the attention of the target audience is a near impossible task, the use of font size is maximized for quick recognition in digital media.

The subtle tick incorporated within the W communicates “It’s Ok, don’t hide”.

We Can

Brand Identity:

wecan mug
wecan tag
let's don't hide your smile
wecan card