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The restaurant business is notoriously known for being one of the most difficult industries to break into, let alone thrive in, even more so due to the increasing number of food courts in the city. The Grove, however, isn’t just another food court. It is a great combination of refined architecture, country surroundings and contemporary neighborhood, nestled in a natural preserve tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So the challenge for us was how we would position a food court that’s completely different from the rest and help the brand increase its footfall.

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While the fact that The Grove was different from other food courts presented a challenge, we saw this as an opportunity. We were inspired to make The Grove further stand out from the rest by establishing a brand personality reflecting everything unique The Grove has to offer. So, we decided to focus on what made The Grove truly special.
So, our idea was to give customers a glimpse of the experience that awaits them at The Grove where they could unwind to the sound of burbling water or laugh with the wind rustling in the trees, or even simply relax with the pure sound of birds chirping. Be it open-air dining with friends and family or a quiet night out, the old trees, wide verandahs, quiet spaces, water fountains and lawns, soft lights and chilled music all add up to create a memorable experience at The Grove. This experience is exactly what we wanted the customer to feel; to make them truly feel The Grove, on the digital space.
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When it comes to The Grove, it’s all about the unique experience in store for customers. This is why content was prepared meticulously to provide customers a glimpse of the experience, creating curiosity to lure them in and feel this experience first-hand, subsequently

Starting from the logo itself, we went with an easy-on-the-eye unit where we subtly incorporated several elements that contributed to the fine experience at The Grove: the rustling leaves, the birds, the water fountain, a refreshing cup of coffee and even the soothing music represented by the guitar. increasing the footfall.

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Through the eloquent use of colours, we created an array of posts giving prominence to the vibes one could experience at The Grove. In addition to this, from the very beginning, we constantly got customers engaged with the brand on digital to attain top-of-mind-recall amongst customers.

To cap it all off, we created a series of videos encapsulating the stunning experience awaiting customers at The Grove with the perfect blend of captivating visuals and relaxing sounds, giving users a glimpse of the beauty of being at one with the nature while indulging themselves in a delicious meal, a scenario they could only experience at The Grove.


All in all, we reached across all social media platforms, created top of mind recall and we are proud to have risen to the challenge and helping substantially increase the footfall at The Grove, just as the stunning outlet deserved.