A Minute by Tuk Tuk : The Journey From Galle To

Agency :

When One Galle Face opened its doors in November 2019, it created quite a buzz amongst the public. The largest of its kind in Sri Lanka, OGF is host to over 200 tenants including local and international brands in entertainment, technology, beauty and shopping and dining. With several other well-known restaurants opening outlets at the mall, our challenge was to bring the spotlight on A Minute by Tuk Tuk, by building up a resounding brand presence on social media.

The Grove: Where Nature Nurtures You

The restaurant business is notoriously known for being one of the most difficult industries to break into, let alone thrive in, even more so due to the increasing number of food courts in the city. The Grove, however, isn’t just another food court. It is a great combination of refined architecture, country surroundings and contemporary neighborhood, nestled in a natural preserve tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

New Product Branding : “2Rupees”

They say “two heads are better than one” and that’s exactly how many heads it took to start-up the craft beer brewery, what better symbolism than teamwork to inspire us. That’s when we hit creative gold! We were drawn in by the Sri Lankan Two Rupee coin which later we created in to the beer brand’s unique logo. It encompassed all the key elements that our client was looking for; the Sri Lankan locality touch, the fresh modern look and most importantly it stood out in all the right ways. So right in fact that we found many ways to showcase this unique logo.

Creative Campaign : "Suzuki WagonR"

The idea behind using the Samurai for the Suzuki WagonR stemmed from the fact that we HAD to instill the concept that this WAS a Japanese vehicle and not the Indian version of it. Also the idea that Samurai armour and weaponry was made by master craftsmen and the same high standard of craftsmanship went towards building this vehicle. The Samurai was also trained to handle almost anything, and this vehicle was localised to handle anything Sri Lankan fuel and road conditions could send its way. And with the profusion of dubbed Asian teledrama popular among the mass, it was easy to bring the connection that this particular WagonR was Japanese.

Integrated Campaign "WeCan"

Creative thought process was to give a strong message and to keep the name generic to ensure it is already pre defined in itself. At an early stage in our journey we identified that the brand should empower, speak to the heart and show support to an individual. It is through this funnel we arrived at the brand name “WeCan”

Brand Creation "Softlogic TV"

The name evolved from that fact that a prism helps to refract a single source of light into a myriad of colours. The Softlogic Prizm range of smart TVs, with its impressive display, range of options manages to do the same. A Bright, brilliant TV needed a name that would communicate without being nonsensical.

Creative Campaign "Mitsubishi L200"

Mitsubishi wanted to establish the L200 as the natural choice for those who were wanting the enjoy the comfort and prestige of a SUV but wanting the extreme versatility of a Pickup Truck. The campaign concept “RETHINK YOUR SUV” was a direct cut through the clutter approach.

3D Animation "Roadstone Tyres"

Conceptualization to highlight the different complex featured of Roadstone Tyres  and to showcase the technology behind the product. The 3D modeling and animation executed from scratch.

Edutainment Video "Nippon Paints"

A unique animated concept created to position nippon paints Child Wellness range in the mind of parents. The video execution used the brand MAscot as the Hero fighting against germs and bacteria.