Video Animator

Video Animator / Motion Graphics

We are Sri Lanka’s Top Creative Digital Agency working with multinational brands both locally and globally. We are expanding our video editing team and motion graphics team.

Required Software skills

  • Adobe Aftereffects
  • Premier

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Motion graphics for social media content
  • Assembling and editing footage.
  • Following a script, screenplay or outline 
  • Inputting sound to enhance footage
  • Inputting graphics to enhance footage
  • Digitally splicing film and video and synchronizing them into one rough cut file
  • Improving and correcting lighting, coloring and faulty footage
  • Working closely with directors to present a final product that matches his or her vision


  • Junior Animator : minimum 1 year hands on experience
  • Animator : Minimum 2 1/2 years experience
  • Senior Animator : Minimum 3 1/2 Years Experience

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