We fuse entrepreneurial thinking, agile creative and phenomenal amplification to help top brands cut through the clutter in saturated markets and put the fire back in their communication strategy to drive bottomline sales growth and customer loyalty.

Agile Marketing and Digital Media amplification is the heart of Firestarter. We work with our clients to create work that adds value to people’s lives. We believe our industry should shift the focus from selling a product or a service to be creating value for the people..


Organizations of different scale in various levels of maturity are realising the tremendous potential of of innovation partners and project managers. We are are an ecosystem of tech-innovative individuals and partners which enables us to to provide tech innovation as-a-service.

We provide a composite managed project architecture which enables clients to leverage innovation-qs-a-service by accessing a multitude of inhouse and partner contributors. The distinct advantage is the ability to gain access to specialist skills from different touch points of the ecosystem.

The Okiterion ecosystem enables clients to gain first in market access to trends, technologies and solutions to optimize, automate,simplyfy for amplified growth.

Media Donuts

Programmatic ad platform.

Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising. It has changed the way brands interact with consumers. MediaDonuts is here to help you in that transformation. Our technology and people help you have one-to-one conversations with your most valued audiences across all digital channels. Our primary goal is to help maximize the return on your media investment, big or small. So make sure to unlock the full power of programmatic with professional services that can include custom solutions, education to bring your team up to speed if programmatic is new territory, and dedicated account management with experts that can help you transform your business with programmatic marketing.

Reputation Mafia

A specialist digital reputation management agency in partnership with Seven media group provide complete digital marketing strategies to companies, public figures and businesses in the United Kingdom and the EU.