TikTok’s top tips for parents

TikTok, a short form video platform that offers in-app editing, effects, and sounds to help users develop imaginative memes and creative content, has become a sensation and a massive favourite amongst teens in Sri Lanka. Like any app, parents may be concerned about the safety of their kids’ experience. With this in mind, TikTok introduced tips and tools for parents to ensure their teens stay in control and customize their in-app experience. Here’s the gist of it:

Controlled interaction

TikTok accounts start off as Public on default. It can easily be switched to private on the Privacy and Safety Settings menu. A private account lets users stay in control of who has access to view their accounts as they can approve or deny user follower requests. Additionally, removing an accepted user or blocking them will partially and fully restrict that particular user from interacting with your teen.

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Moreover, parents can also advise their teens to set restrictions through their comments and messaging preferences. Another fun aspect of TikTok is the duet section. Users have the control to decide who can make duets with their content. They can enable or disable duets for particular videos or have the relevant setting applied for all of them.

The bottomline is that control is at the tip of your hands to ensure your teens have a safe in-app experience on TikTok.

Put a cap on screen time


As with any app, parents rightfully may be doubtful of their teens becoming addicted to it and overusing it in a manner that affects their education and social life. This is why Screen Time Management could be an effective way to limit the time spent on TikTok. This feature of TikTok, a part of their Digital Wellbeing offerings, is set behind a passcode and can be enabled for various limits up to 2 hours depending on parents’ preference.

Report anything that violates TikTok guidelines

TikTok’s top tips for parents

Users have the option to show they are ‘Not Interested’ on particular videos, the likes of which TikTok ensures they will be shown less of. Teens also have the option to report anything they feel that violates TikTok’s Community Guidelines and report misuse to protect themselves from spam and other harmful practices.

Make videos together

Make video together

What better way to make your teen’s day than joining in on the act yourselves? That’s what TikTok is all about: fun and positive energy. Parents can join in on trends and share smiles with their teens with everyday moments together. As such, this app also lets parents learn more about their kids’ interests and be more involved with them.

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While TikTok continuously present themselves as a platform that embraces creativity and values support and positivity, they ensure this is not done at the cost of users’ wellbeing. It’s fun, lively, entertains and puts smiles on faces. Encouraging parents to overlook their teens app usage with such tips is also a great way of ensuring the most important aspect: their safety.