TikTok Promote Is Here To Help You Grow Your Audience

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world right now. With its massive growth and popularity especially amongst Gen Z and millennials, it’s about time brands jumped on the bandwagon and used the platform to promote their products or services. The room for creativity makes TikTok offer something completely unique in comparison to other social media channels and now the platform has introduced Promote to help brands grow their audience on the platform.


Promote is a NEW advertising tool that lets *anyone* amplify their existing TikToks without having to leave the app! ##tiktokmarketing

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Having tested it out with selected profiles recently, TikTok is now rolling out its Boost-like ‘Promote’ option to all business users. The feature is set to help brands reach more people and grow their community by turning their organic TikTok video into an ad directly within the app. Subsequently, reaching new audiences, building a following, and even driving traffic to your business website through TikTok has just become all the more convenient.

1. Set up your promotion

You have the freedom to choose any of your past videos or a new one you upload. We suggest you to give it a go with one of your best performing organic videos, so your most popular content reaches more people.

2. Set up your promotion

You can choose from 3 goals for your promotion – more views, website visits, or follows. Once you do that, it’s up to you to take a call on the budget, length of time to run the promotion, and select the audience you want to reach with your video. You can choose ‘automatic’ targeting and leave it to TikTok to determine who will likely be interested, or create the targeting specifics (gender, age, interests) for yourself using the ‘custom’ option.

3. Grow

Pending the approval of your promotion, you can go back and check in to see how your video is performing and how many new people are learning about your brand on a platform they come to, mostly for entertainment! This increases your potential to build top-of-mind awareness as well.

One downside of this feature is its availability only for public clips that don’t use copyright-protected music. Therefore, you won’t be able to amplify videos in which you jump on a trend related to a popular track.

How effective will ‘Promote’ be? We predict it to be a hit, especially considering that TikTok has been particularly good at showing people more of what they want to see. Therefore, the automatic targeting feature could prove to be very effective here. Keep in mind that results will also depend on the creativity and authenticity of your content.

More than anything, this feature has just reiterated why TikTok should be a vital component of your brand’s digital strategy. If you’re looking for further guidance on this and improving your brand presence on TikTok, contact our Creative Digital experts at Seven Media by calling us on 076 629 0442.