TikTok is experimenting pinned posts: Here’s what you should know

With its rising fame, TikTok keeps trying out new things to keep its users on their toes. The app now provides a wide range of marketing opportunities with its virality, creating new shopping behaviours and has become a key component of every brand’s digital strategy. 

The latest news show that TikTok’s newest update is the ability to pin videos on top of one’s profile. This could be handy in highlighting video clips that users want their followers or even other visiting users to watch first. Currently, the platform lets you pin up to three videos on the top of your profile.

Credit: @MattNavarra – Twitter

When it comes to your brand, this feature can help you can show off some of your best work, most popular content, or even your latest promotions.  Showcasing your most preferred videos this way also helps greatly in building your audience and subsequently maximizing their engagement. It even plays into the dynamic of influencer marketing, where brands can be at the forefront of an influencer’s TikTok feed over a period of time.

While the “pinning” feature is already available across WhatsApp and Pinterest, TikTok is just testing this out to see their users’ responses. Our verdict is that this can be a relevant and fruitful feature for businesses and content creators alike.

TikTok has never failed to amaze its users, and whatever update they come up with is user-centric. Therefore, we recommend your brand to give the platform a shot. It’s also one of the fastest growing platforms right now, so improving your brand’s TikTok engagement can help you stand ahead of your competitors on the digital space. 

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