Shopping Ads are now on YouTube

For a while now, we’ve been aware of the increasingly significant role that video plays in the modern-day consumer’s smartphone experience. There’s no bigger platform for video-only content than YouTube, which is also the 2nd largest search engine only behind Google.

And now, Shopping Ads have landed on this platform, which reflects its importance to advertisers even more. Shopping Ads, which have been highly successful on Google search, will now appear on YouTube users’ home feeds and search results.

Shopping Ads are now on YouTube

For example, when a user searches for something on YouTube, ads of related and suggested products would show up. These ads are also more interactive as users could simply click on a video for store location information and interest forms. The extension of Shopping Ads to YouTube opens up more potential customers for advertisers.

Girl watching the You Tube Shopping Ads

With increasing competition from Amazon on the horizon, Google is constantly drawing efforts to be proactive and see it off with decisions such as redesigning their e-commerce platform with more focus on personalized content for each user. The initiative from Google to bring Shopping Ads to YouTube is another indication of how they are aiming to make ads all the more visually appealing and serve advertisers and users, all the same.