Seven Media: The Creative Digital Agency

We at Seven Media, a seasoned Advertising and Digital Media Agency with multiple subsidiaries working in distinct markets have been the preferred partner for Digital Transformation, Creative, Digital Strategy, Video Animation and Social Media for many blue-chip Corporations.

Due to the constant and rapid media evolution, we have noticed a gaping gap in Advertising and the noticeable frustration of the clients, and consequently were looking to solve it for them. With the foreseen transformation in to digital, many clients faced a constant conundrum; Should they focus more on the creative or the digital? Most clients work with Creative Agencies who approach the objective with a creative mindset, and worked with Digital Agencies who strategizes and executes the creative in to the world of digital. Therefore, Seven Media has now fully transfigured to a solution that clients are welcoming with open arms and is poised to set the world of advertising ablaze.

Seven Media is Changing

Seven Media has unveiled a complete brand reimagination and agency restructure to create the very first Creative Digital Agency.

Seven Media are now redefining ourselves as The Creative Digital Agency, offering services based on our four pillars: Strategy, Design, Marketing and Production. Strategy is inclusive of Innovation, Growth & Customer Experience Strategy formulation amongst others, while Design is inclusive of Mobile-first and User Interface designs along with Video Animation and Brand Identity and a host of other services. We also thrive in Marketing & Production which gives brands access to Campaign Development, Content Strategies as well as Gamification and Web Development respectively among a range of other services that are sure to skyrocket brands to the next level giving them an infinite advantage in the market and to maximize the return on investment.

Subodha Pilimatalawwe, CEO of Seven Media Group, had this to say speaking on the new brand positioning: “We identified a problem, a gap in the method clients are forced to apply for Marketing Advertising activity as they adopt digital transformation in all communications and touch points. We’ve worked with a lot of clients who work with a Creative Agency for Creative Conceptualization and a Digital Agency for digital adaptation and amplification. However, the two worlds most often tend to collide resulting in marketing dollars not being optimized in a digitally led environment. Hence, we wanted to create a team and an approach which is creative just as much as it is digital, where the creative ideation is done with a digital mindset and the digital strategy is done with a creative approach. This was that light bulb moment when we realized that clients can have the best of both worlds. So, we reimagined Seven Media to become ‘The Creative Digital Agency’”.

Mr.Subodha Pilimattalawwe
Subodha Pilimatalawwe revealing the transformation to Creative Digital Agency

To mark the occasion, on July 29th at the Mövenpick Hotel, Seven Media organized the first ever “Amplify Forum.” Seven Media Group’s exclusive event for their clients and partners in Sri Lanka was held with Facebook representation.

Seven Media: The Creative Digital Agency
Team of Seven Media Group

Orchestrating the theme of the evening which was “Accelerate growth with Facebook”, the event saw Ms. Cindy Nguyen, Facebook Partner Manager for South Asia and South East Asia from Facebook’s APAC Headquarters in Singapore, address the audience. She edified the attendees with various amplification strategies including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger product highlights, techniques of unlocking the creative potential and campaign planning strategy formulation for 2019 and beyond.

Madhu Pilimatalawwe & Cindy Nguyen from Facebook APAC
Madhu Pilimatalawwe & Cindy Nguyen from Facebook APAC

Speaking about the event, Madhu Pilimatalawwe, Director Operations of Seven Media had this to say “We’re delighted to extend the benefit of being a Facebook Marketing Partner Agency to our clients. The knowledge shared by Cindy Nguyen at the forum has equipped our clients to start leveraging on many facets of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. This was the first Amplify Forum we organized and we are delighted to have had representation from Facebook APAC in Sri Lanka to edify our clients and partners. We plan to make #ampforum a calendar event which will give access to brand and marketing professionals in Sri Lanka to global knowledge and best practices in an intimate setting right here in Sri Lanka”.

We have relaunched our brand identity with a trailblazing video reveal which can be found on our social media assets as well as our new and improved website –

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