“Pikaso”- Turn your Tweets into Instagram-Friendly Posts

“Pikaso”- Turn your Tweets into Instagram-Friendly Posts

The reason that TikTok is winning and not Instagram is due to the fact that the content on TikTok is highly shareable and the app is made easy for people to share its videos on other social media platforms, unlike Instagram. We all love sharing a good tweet, and what better place to share it on than Instagram right?  But the trouble of having to share it on Instagram is a real hassle we all go through and hate. Take a screenshot and then crop it and share, even that crop turns out really bad most of the time. Seems like Soheil Rashdi has come up with a solution to this with his new app Pikaso”.

Pikaso is a new app that turns tweet into Instagram-friendly screenshots, allowing you to post without the hassle of having to crop.

“I created this tool for people who like to share their tweets on Instagram. It’s much easier than taking screenshots and manually cropping them and the generated image looks more professional and clutter-free.” — Pikaso Maker Soheil Rashidi

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The app is in place and works effortlessly, however the developer already has plans for the future on how to flourish it with a new dark mode, themes and custom fonts and colors soon. Rashidi also announced that he will be working on a new version that allows posting directly to Instagram Stories.