Our favourite Christmas commercials of 2019

The holiday season is in full flow and just like every year, reputed brands out there are fully embracing the festive spirit with their Christmas commercials. Few things embody the season of giving like how these brands keep giving us amazingly heartwarming commercials celebrating the season year after year.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite Christmas commercials of 2019 which are sure to add a little more festive spirit to the air and tug your heartstrings.

TGI Fridays: It’s Christmas at TGI Fridays!

Let’s start off with an amazingly innovative video done for the season by TGI Fridays. Featuring Tarja De Silva, the video showcases the TGI Fridays outlet in the seasonal spirit. What we love most about this is the use of a never before seen video tech in Sri Lanka. Enjoy it for yourself.

Hafod Hardware: Christmas Advert 2019

You’ll see more reputed names on our list, but let’s start off with a little retail hardware shop that has made a name for itself solely based on their viral Christmas ad; that too on a budget. This ad covering four generations proves that the holidays really are about family. 

Amazon: Holiday 2019

A lovely commercial that covers the aspect of spreading joy this festive season. Amazon have gone out of the box with their thinking this year and it’s safe to say: they’ve delivered.

Apple: Holiday – The Season

A 3-minute ad that’s worth the watch. Christmas is about families coming together and Apple captures that family closeness perfectly.

Facebook: Mama Claus

This touching ad brings out how Christmas is joyous and powerful at the same time. It just brings about the extra effort mothers take to make Christmas all the more special.

IKEA: Silence The Critics

Of course, the season is also about spreading joy and this comical ad by IKEA where several household items come to life and provoke a woman to use products from IKEA to decorate her home to match the occasion is a great example of it.

McDonald’s: #ReindeerReady

Are you #ReindeerReady this festive season? If not yet, then this heartwarming ad by McDonald’s should do you a favour.

Walkers Crisps: Christmas Advert 2019

This ad features a little reprise of the Christmas classic by Mariah Carey and the Christmas Queen herself is sure to put a smile on your face.