family celebrating Christmas

2020 has been quite a year. While the dark cloud of the global pandemic has been hovering over our heads, there’s finally a silver lining in form of the holiday season. Of course, one of the things we always look forward to during the festive season are some of those great Christmas ads that just tug at our heartstrings. So, just like we do every year, we’re sharing some of our favourites this time around too.

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020

Is it ever really Christmas without a Coca Cola Christmas commercial? Coca Cola yet again delivers with a lovely Christmas commercial surrounding the theme “This Christmas, give something only you can give”.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

A continuation from last year’s series starring Kevin the Carrot, Aldi showcases the main character’s adventure to get home in time for Christmas. Backed with soundtracks from some of our all-time favourites including the seasonal special, Home Alone, this ad also features an appearance from Santa himself.

Amazon’s The Show Must Go On

“In a year of twists and turns, not much has gone to plan in 2020. But, with some grit, determination and perseverance anything is possible”. Brands inevitably were going to refer to the pandemic this season and Amazon have executed a brilliant ad to the tunes of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’.

Tesco – No Naughty List   

After everything we’ve already been through this year, we surely don’t deserve to be on Santa’s Naughty List now do we? That’s exactly what Tesco tells us in this cheeky Christmas commercial.

McDonald’s | Inner Child | #ReindeerReady

As part of its #ReindeerReady campaign, McDonald’s released a Christmas advert with an animated modern-day festive tale following the story of a young boy facing an internal struggle. 

These are just very few of some of the many heart-touching Christmas commercials of 2020. As always, some are good fun; others spark a tear, but that’s what’s so special about them. We hope you enjoyed it!

Season’s greetings to you and your family from all of us at Seven Media.