TikTok is testing web links on Profiles

In latest developments, TikTok is reportedly testing a new feature: clickable web links on profiles. This feature aimed at driving traffic to websites is in works to add a new dimension to the ever-growing social media platform. 

Users of Instagram will feel a sense of familiarity with this feature as it’s the IG equivalent of ‘Link in bio’. If TikTok decides to implement this, it’s going to be beneficial for creators in their quest to generate traffic on their website through their popularity on TikTok.

Of course, this has similar implications on brands as well; startups and ecommerce portals will have the opportunity to reach new unique users and extend their reach through the feature. This also comes on the back of the platform testing social commerce URLs on posts. 

All this is indicative of the fact that TikTok acknowledges that they have created a substantial smartphone penetration, it’s now shifting its focus on to its advertising and shopping capabilities. With features and continuous improvements, TikTok continues being a bandwagon Brands would want to jump on and will not regret doing so.