Instagram set to bring Ads to Explore

Instagram recently announced their plans to introduce ads in the Explore feed. This particular option in the platform has gained immense popularity over time as it has enabled users to discover content and new accounts based on their personal interests; giving them a more personalized experience.

Instagram is set to capitalize on this by gradually rolling out ads on the Explore feed over the next few weeks. Initial reports indicate that ads will be tested in an attempt to promote IGTV before slowly offering the ad service to a few selected brands.

It’s features like the Explore feed amongst others like Stories that have catapulted Instagram to grow at a rate of knots. So, it’s no surprise that Instagram are is looking to take advantage of it. Through this, brands will have a different avenue to reach users who would already be willingly engaging with posts on the section.

Instagram set to bring Ads to Explore

How will Instagram explore ads work ?

Brands will be able to reach out their users by implementing the ads on Facebook Ads Manager, by choosing to opt-in to reach audiences in Explore. For users, this wouldn’t be much of an interruption as well. Ads will only be rolled out after users click on a photo or video on Explore. Once this happens, the users may come across ads just like they do on the main feed.

What do the numbers say ?

If you’re wondering if the stats back up this move by Instagram, well it does. For instance, over 80% of all users follow a business page on Instagram. That in itself shows users’ willingness to be informed about products and expose them to similar interests on Explore. To put things into context, over 50% of all Instagram users actively use the Explore feed regularly.

We’re sure this is just another notch on the belt for Instagram. The more success it gets, we feel Instagram will be more motivated to keep fascinating us with newer and better features. With this, brands get more exposure, users discover more new stuff in the Explore feed and Instagram themselves would be benefiting massively. The end result is positive for all involved.

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