Common mistakes you should be vary of on your ecommerce website

In this day and age, conversions are the real deal. For a lot of businesses, especially SMEs and Start-ups, this takes place on their ecommerce websites. After all, as users, we prefer it being as easy as purchasing a product in just a few clicks. So, it’s really important that your website doesn’t put users off. The last thing you would want is your breakthrough product to be stagnant in sales just because the site it’s hosted on is lacking something. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes you should look to avoid.

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Go big with the visuals

Avoid cutting corners at all costs. The pictures on your ecommerce website always makes the first impression on users. It’s what grabs the users’ attention straight away. So why take shortcuts and cut corners? Go ahead with top quality visuals.

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Even short, creative videos should go a long way towards winning the customer’s hearts. Do not undermine the contribution a visual has in getting you more conversions. So, pay attention and make sure you show the customer exactly what they want to purchase; or even go ahead and surprise them with better.

Avoid writing lousy copy

While pictures make the first impression, the sense of trust and comfort words give is a different thing altogether. This is why you should strictly avoid having descriptions for the sake of it. Go out there and give the best description of your product you possibly could.

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Do your product and pictures justice with the copy. Highlight the main features and benefits from it so you subtly present your USPs. Having it casual and keeping technicalities away is also recommended so users don’t just ignore it.

It could also help you in finding new uses of your product. If you have information that your product is being used for purposes other than what you originally intended it for, it gives you the opportunity to create social media ads for a whole new target market.

Don’t underestimate the power of User Reviews

Once the user is convinced with the pictures and the copy, they’d still check for user reviews for assurance. This is why you should display user reviews on your ecommerce website. Some users see a lack of reviews as a dent to your credibility. So don’t shy away from it.

Common mistakes you should be vary of on your ecommerce website

But what about negative reviews? This could stem from your production or all the way to delivery, but you should still display the review, as well as your response to rectifying the inconvenience caused. That transparency will prove your trustworthiness and help your cause for more conversions.

These are just some of the common mistakes you should avoid. That doesn’t mean you should just stop at these. With meticulous attention to detail, you will be able to create a successful ecommerce website.