Instagram Stories: The GIF that keeps on giving

Instagram Stories: The GIF that keeps on giving

Instagram really is the GIF that keeps on giving. No, that wasn’t a typo. We’ve all witnessed the growth of IG stories. It’s the features and updates, even the smallest of ones, that have helped it sustain its popularity. Another such relative minor update is now the ability to reply to Stories with your favourite GIPHY GIFs. Wondering how? It’s simple:

So, that’s a thing and just like that you have yet another interesting way to interact on Stories. Considering the popularity of GIFs, this feature too promises to be a fan favourite, especially when recipient inboxes start getting filled with hilarious GIFs.

How can your brand benefit from this?

While this is a feature that is undoubtedly going to be more prominent in interactions between individual users, brands too can take advantage of this. For instance, you could have a GIF reply competition to a statement you make or an offer you provide and share the best ones. So, you now have another tool to potentially boost your engagement significantly.

This is why we all love Instagram, after all: their ability to innovate and keep us all excited is second to none and always leaves us intrigued as to ‘What’s next?’.