IGTV takes a leaf out of TikTok’s book

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Trying to keep up with trends, it seems that similar to TikTok, Instagram is testing the waters with a new ‘Video Reactions’ option.

This will allow Instagram users to respond to IGTV creators’ content with a video response of their own. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert posted the below example, which shows the new ‘Video Reactions’ option that is built into the IGTV upload process.

Posting New ICTV Video

However, this is very similar to TikTok’s Video Reactions option that allows users to engage with clips by overlaying a video response over the original video post.

Tiktok video reactions

Reactions and Duets allow users to be creative and share their own responses to clips that are posted, and have become a huge part of the TikTok experience.  


Although IGTV hasn’t had a huge take off as yet, Instagram may be hoping that the IGTV content monetization update may attract and provide more incentive for creators to engage and post on the platform. The Video Response option may be resourceful in this as well.

TikTok videos are short and perfect for simple video responses. However, in an IGTV context ‘Video Responses’ might seem like a hard task as they are focused on longer content. Maybe, there would be a way that Instagram could showcase certain sections of the IGTV video where the users have responded.

All in all Instagram maybe using the personal, visual nature of video reactions as a way of getting potential engagement for IGTV. It will surely be interesting to see how far this will go and what this would mean for Instagram.