How to sell on Instagram: 5 simple tips

Selling on Instagram provides businesses, both big and small, countless opportunities to reach their target audience and drive more sales. Stats show that nearly 80% of IG users purchase something based on something they come across on the app. If you’re not selling on Instagram yet, you really are missing out. Here are 5 simple tips for brands to succeed in their efforts to sell on Instagram.

Optimize your profile

One of the first things customers notice about your brand on Instagram, especially the first time they come across your brand, is your bio. Choose a suitable and easily identifiable brand photo as your profile picture, have a clear yet concise description of your brand and make sure you link your website. The URL section in your bio is crucial because it helps you drive traffic by prompting customers to “visit link in bio” on your posts.

Boost your posts

While organic reach plays a pivotal role in your success, paid advertising is just as important and effective. Instagram ads provides the ideal platform to reach your target audience and the results would also help you understand how to tweak your approach, both in terms of content and targeting. It may take some practice but make sure you continue to tweak your boosted posts and audiences until you get the results you want.

Use Instagram Story Ads

While boosted posts continue to be more prominent, the fact is that Story Ads are showing the most growth on the platform, due to the massive rise in Stories usage. Stories are immersive, engaging and give you the chance to showcase your brand personality without cluttering your customers’ feed. What’s more, paid Story Ads give you the opportunity to prompt customers to your website with just a swipe up. Considering how quickly people go through stories, it’s important to make your story ad a thumb-stopping and attention-grabbing one.

Provide platform-exclusive promos

There’s nothing quite like a great deal and Instagram is the ideal platform to provide your customers an exclusive promo. You can encourage users to click the link in your bio to take advantage of the offer by adding your promo information in a caption or by prompting customers to swipe up on your Stories. Providing such exclusive promotions help build your brand’s presence on the platform as well.

Tie up with Instagram Influencers

Consumers don’t merely trust ads nowadays, they trust people and their endorsements. This has led to the Influencer Marketing becoming a key part of brands’ social media marketing strategy. Influencer marketing gives brands a unique opportunity to reach an engaged audience. It helps leverage the follower base of the influencer in addition to your brand’s own follower base. It’s also important depending on your brand to make the partnership look as natural as possible, so make sure you pick an influencer who is compatible and representative of your brand values and personality. The bottomline is Influencer Marketing is a great way to raise awareness and drive sales on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram can be a challenge and there are many more tips to getting it right! These 5 simple tips are a start! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize just how incredible an opportunity Instagram provides for you to sell your products!

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