Here’s a list of our favourite Christmas Adverts for the year 2021

It’s that time of the year where we bring you all our favourite festive adverts of the year with the sparkling warmth of Christmas. Not all Christmas ads are created equal. Each brand strives to pull out its own creativity to show the best on the screen, where some of them indeed win our hearts. Here are a few of them igniting the spirit of true Christmas.

Get ready to hop onto an emotional rollercoaster with us!

1. Disney: The Stepdad

When it comes to heartwarming storytelling, none can beat Disney. So, this is the first ad we are presenting you. This year’s Christmas advert has a super cute storyline with a beautiful song. The stunning animated short revolves around a new stepdad, as he moves in with his partner and her two children as he is trying to find his place in the family around the festive period.

The integration of classic Disney characters and hints to various Pixar and Marvel films into an ordinary family tale got us stuck to the core. The family bonding is beautifully brought out to screen doing justice to the theme “Love runs deeper than words.” On the overall, we would call it flawless.

2. McDonald’s: Imaginary Iggy

The second best is the ‘Imaginary Iggy’ that shows how a little girl’s love for her imaginary friend called Iggy fades with time. The adorable monster is a cute replica from Pixar films Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Being a grown-up who always loved her stuffed toys, this ad hits me at a different level. It brings your childhood right in front of your eyes, making you all emotional.

Coupled with a mesmerizing song, the ad takes you back to a time that we have all missed. Thank you, McDonald’s for bringing out the message that “You are never too old to have an imagination!”

3. Coca-Cola: Chimney

As always, Coco-Cola didn’t fail to surprise us this year too with a beautiful Christmas commercial highlighting a strong community concept.

Reminiscing the bond Christmas creates the ad taps into some “real magic” through a young boy who tries to create a chimney from cardboard boxes with his neighbours so that Santa Claus could deliver presents. The commercial brings out the community spirit of reaching out to each other coz we all know that no one deserves to be alone, especially during Christmas right?

4. Boots: Bags of Joy

This time, Boots is bringing in a Christmas advert with a fairly upbeat song. The festive ad features Jenna Coleman as a character of joy that brings the right amount of sparkle to warm even the cynical hearts as she goes around with a never-ending bag full of all the best gifts for Christmas from a range of Boots products.

As Boots puts it, “This Christmas is all about joy”. The joy of being with family, friends and the joy of merely connecting with each other, giving them the perfect gift pulls out viewer’s heartstrings. When you see Jenna saving a special present for her Nan at the end of the video, it becomes more touching and emotional.

The three-minute advert titled ‘Bags of Joy’ indeed celebrates togetherness and nostalgia. I mean that’s what we all look for during this time of the year right?

5. Aldi: A Christmas Carrot

Last year, we all loved the story of Kevin the Carrot’s race to get home for Christmas on time with an intense soundtrack borrowed from the Pirate of the Caribbean film. This time, he is back teaching lessons in joy and goodwill to an old grumpy banana named Ebanana Scrooge.

This is a retelling of Dicken’s classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ with the traditional Christmas backing music and a ‘fairy-tale’ narration teaching an important lesson: “For you to be happy, you need to be kind.” All-inclusive, we would say Bravo Aldi!   

6. Amazon: Kindness, the greatest gift

Celebrating kindness this year, Amazon’s Christmas ad features a woman noticing her young neighbour dealing with the anxiety of a pandemic life. She tries putting a smile on the girl by gifting her a bird feeder. That smile on the girl spotlights how even the smallest gestures can help someone cheer up.

With a subtle integration to the brand, we love how Amazon has brought out the importance of mental health, especially of young adults during the pandemic. With a smart choice of an emotional song, Amazon gets you hooked up all over on this year’s advert!

7. Vodafone: We can break the silence

Christmas is the most heartwarming holiday for many of us. But for some, it can be the saddest time of the year, to spend those festive nights alone. The ad characterizes an old man left isolated in a busy world where none has time to talk.

The ad highlights that a call or personal visit will make a huge difference in their lives too. Touching this emotion of loneliness Vodafone inspires us to look out for each other to make sure this Christmas no one will be lonely, and this is why this ad gets a standing ovation from us just for delivering that message.

So, that’s from us feeling all festive with a few running emotions. We hope you enjoy watching them too.  Seasonal greetings from all of us at Seven Media to your family! See you in 2022.