Hang on to your close friends by a Thread: Instagram’s new app

Facebook has launched ‘Threads’ from Instagram, a brand-new camera-first messaging that helps you stay connected to your close friends. It’s a standalone app on its own, yet a key aspect is inter-connected with Instagram: your Close Friends.

Instagram have come up with various means for users to connect with others. Be it DMs or Stories, users already have a range of photo-messaging facilities at their disposal. Yet, here we are with the launch of Threads as Facebook takes its latest swing at Snapchat. After all, the key USP of Snapchat is being a very quick and easy instant-photo messaging app.

What’s the difference between Threads and Snapchat then?

Hang on to your close friends by a Thread: Instagram’s new app
Instagram Press

Last year, Instagram introduced the Close Friends feature. Threads encompasses of just those Close Friends on your list. Stats suggest that the average Close Friends list is up to a dozen or 2. So, this probably promises to be your shortest Inbox list across all apps.

The Status Feature – and more

Auto Status

You probably already know this feature through more apps than one whether it’s named Status or Stories. What’s different here and makes Threads unique in this space is the ‘Auto-Status’ feature. This feature shares bits of context on what you’re up to or where you’re at (without giving away your coordinates). It’s an opt-in feature and only shared with your close friends.

Will this affect your Instagram Experience?

Not at all. You can continue using your DMs and share your stories the same way and no other aspect would encounter any complications as well.

We’re intrigued just as much as you are to see how Snapchat vs Threads unfolds.