Facebook’s image recognition technology could improve your social media ads

Advertising and Social Media have seen a simultaneous rise over the last decade or so. Businesses have realized that capturing the attention of their customers on social media is one of the most effective ways of selling their product to them. Several updates have facilitated that, but there’s a potential game-changer just around the corner; Facebook’s new image recognition technology. Facebook obtained a patent for a new technology that is set to open a new window of opportunity for advertisers.

What is this technology? How does it work?

It’s simple. A user posts a picture with a Coffee Cup, rocking their new shiny sneakers. Facebook’s tech has an algorithm that will enable them to scan the image, recognize the brand of the coffee cup and shoes, and then provide that information to advertisers.

Facebook’s image recognition technology could improve your social media ads

How exactly is it useful to advertisers?

Once advertisers have this information, they can recognize the user’s favourite products. Based on that, effective social media ads can go out to this specific user in an attempt to cross-sell or upsell your products, or urge them to switch to your products from a competitor.

Another benefit is it helps to identify the buying patterns of the user. If most of their pictures contain luxurious products, it’s better to advertise luxury products to them rather than to someone who posts pictures with brands that are related more to affordability.

It could also help you in finding new uses of your product. If you have information that your product is being used for purposes other than what you originally intended it for, it gives you the opportunity to create social media ads for a whole new target market.

Team Work

Be ready to up your game

Facebook is taking another step to bring information to your fingertips. It’s up to you to grab that opportunity and capitalize with effective social media ads to turn opportunity in to results. So be prepared for when this tech rolls around because the competition will get tougher, too. Make sure your work stands out from the rest, for all the good reasons.

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