Facebook shares tips to boost performance with Video Best Practices

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The holiday season this time around may feel different from other years but when it comes to Digital, brands are doing their best to spread the seasonal cheer with their very own seasonal campaigns. However, is Video content a part of your strategy? If not, it should be, because Video is the best performing content type across any platform. 

If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to Video, Facebook recently shared 3 new tips for you to work on. Here are our takeaways.

1. Add a trailer – create intrigue

Did you know that the average attention span of humans (8 seconds) is lower than that of a goldfish? While this fact makes it tricky and challenging to retain the attention span of your viewers, there is a solution. Facebook recommends adding a mini trailer of up to 3-5 seconds right at the beginning of your video. This has been quite common on YouTube and now Facebook is catching on as well. Take a snippet from your video and add it to the very start, so viewers get the curiosity to stick around and find out what happens. This can potentially improve engagement and view time, which is a key factor in boosting distribution, as well as contribute to increasing your reach.



2. Frame the story – think vertical

How do you use your phone? Of course, it’s by holding it vertically. It’s necessary to keep this in mind when curating video content. Mobile-first video creatives are now more relevant than ever, and brands aligning their content in line with this user behavior tend to do better than brands that don’t. In Facebook’s words: “Editing your videos using a 4:5 aspect ratio may work best for your videos on Facebook.”

3. Engage with your audience

This isn’t necessarily a factor that should be limited to solely video content, as engaging with your audience irrespective of content type is vital. However, Facebook recommends brands to maximize engagement by responding to comments on your video posts as it your involvement in the conversation on the comments section has the potential to delight audiences and improve your reach. Facebook notes that this can easily be done via the inbox tab in Creator Studio.

Video Content is headed in only one direction and that’s upwards and onwards. What better proof for this than the incredible popularity of TikTok, a platform based on Video content creation? 

So, the message is simple: continue to work on your Video content approach. If you’re looking for further guidance on this and improving your brand presence, contact our Creative Digital experts at Seven Media by calling us on 076 629 0442.