Facebook Portal: If you can’t be there, feel there

In October 2018, Facebook introduced its own video calling device. The initial release was followed with the 3 new versions of the device this past September. The Portal device, which also amazingly has Alexa built-in, adds a completely new dimension video calling and video streaming making the largest screen in your home a digitally connected platform.

Facebook Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV
Facebook Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV (Credit: Facebook)

Portal from Facebook perfectly aligns with Facebook’s long-term aspirations to bring video connectivity to the forefront of user interaction. What was just a device last year, now has come with new and improved features that have vastly improved the in-device experience.


Technology has been used aptly on the device as it has enhanced the user experience through AI-powered features on the camera as well as the sound system. The smart camera is capable of intelligently panning and zooming to focus on the action, meaning the frame in focus is flexible. This means users can video call without having to be seated in one place so they can move and talk freely.


On the other hand, the Smart Sound option enhances the voice of the user who is speaking, while ensuring unwanted background is minimized. What’s more, Facebook has introduced ‘Story Time’; a feature that brings stories to life using animations, music and augmented reality, as well as the Superframe feature which can display your favourite pictures Facebook, Instagram or even from your phone’s camera roll and the Facebook Watch feature.  

Story Time
Credit: Portal from Facebook

Facebook is taking strides towards promoting video connectivity and Portal is the biggest proof yet. What’s more is it comes with a handful of other trailblazing features that is set to intrigue all users.