Facebook is testing facial recognition logins

Despite all their recent controversies, Facebook has constantly aimed to provide new features and one such feature that’s been on the works has been the integration of a facial recognition technology. The tech itself, which has been causing quite a buzz in the recent past is becoming more familiar with users due to the security and convenience it provides. Many smartphone brands have taken to it, and Facebook is somewhat following these footsteps.

Reverse Engineering Expert Jane Manchun Wong gave us an idea of what the feature would look like on the app with a tweet this past week. Of course, it is somewhat sensitive with Facebook’s recent data and privacy scandals but Wong clarified that the selfies uploaded for this feature, which will be compared with previous pictures of relevant users before authentication, will remain private and be automatically deleted within 30 days of identity confirmation.

Facial recognition logins
Facebook is testing facial recognition logins

This feature the option could be useful to users unable to receive a two-factor authentication SMS, or users who lose access to their email accounts, as it adds another way to verify their identity and unlock their Facebook profile.

There’s still no update on whether and when this feature will be a part of our Facebook experience, but it’s quite evident that reports of Facebook being working on this feature for a while now, definitely looks credible.