3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Instagram Presence

TikTok’s incredible rise may have somewhat stolen its thunder, but Instagram remains a vital platform for marketers. Over 1 Billion active users and 500 Million active daily users of Stories alone is a testament to that fact.

The younger generation are always looking for the next big thing and TikTok has seemingly become just that in the digital space, with short form, mobile-first video content. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the engagement on Insta is still incredibly high and any brand wanting to make a name for themselves on digital simply have to ace their game on this platform. It is still a key component of any digital strategy.

Here are 3 basic tips to build an effective brand presence on Instagram.

#1 Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags are a key discovery tool on IG. The best part is that they are organic. Many experts have advised brands to use up to 30 hashtags (the maximum limit on IG), Instagram themselves recently stated on the “Instagram Insider” digital magazine that 3-5 highly relevant tags may also do the trick. How many you decide to go ahead with is entirely brand dependent.

Do some thorough research on the hashtags relevant to your brand / industry. Remember, users now even have the ability to follow hashtags. Therefore, effective use of hashtags could easily introduce your brand to a new section of users. Identify and use the most popular hashtags in your niche and your brand will potentially be seen a lot more.

#2 Utilise Stories

Stories is one of the most popular features across any social media platform. Studies have showed that users are spending more time on Stories than even the IG Feed.  Stories are super powerful when it comes to connecting with your audience on a much more personal level.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the various options available on Stories that make it engaging. IG have introduced various options like Polls, ‘Ask a question’ and emoji slider amongst others that give brands a great opportunity to engage with customers and build top-of-mind awareness, which could boost engagement and eventually lead to conversions in the long run. Use this space for what it is and be as authentic as you can.

#3 Great visuals, of course

Think back to the very first time you used Instagram. It was “just a media-sharing app” wasn’t it? All the clutter and hype aside, that’s exactly what it still is: a media-sharing app. Just like back then, the visuals users most likely engage with or at the very least retain in their mind are the standout visuals.

It’s all about creating thumb-stopping content that make people genuinely take note of your brand. So, make sure your imagery and videos are of high quality as it goes without saying Insta is a highly visual platform. Better visuals means a stronger presence on IG.

These are just a few basic tips on how to improve your brand’s presence on the platform. However, with a bit of research, innovation and imagination, you can truly take your brand to new heights on Instagram.